If your Lodge or Chapter is considering changing centre, we will be delighted to try to accommodate you at Welling. We are located on the London / Kent border in Welling, Kent. It is close to the Falconwood A2 junction leading to the Blackwall Tunnel or the Danson/Sidcup junction towards dartford crossing. We are a 3 minute walk from Welling Station with direct links to London and Dartford. For availability and other enquiries, please contact the Centre Manager on 0208 856 3419 or email info@thewestwood.org.uk. Lodges meeting at The Westwood
  Lodge Name Number Meeting dates
1 St. John & St. Paul 615  2nd Tue Feb, Apr, 1st Tue Jul, Sep(I), 3rd Mon Dec
2 Pattison 913  1st Thur Feb and Apr, 2nd Wed May, Nov(I) and Dec
3 Acacia 1314  2nd Tue Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov(I)
4 United Military 1536  2nd Thur Feb, Apr, Jun Oct(I), 3rd Wed Dec
5 Saye & Sele 1973  3rd Wed Mar to Jun, 3rd Sat Oct(I)
6 Ordnance 2399  3rd Sat Jan, Feb, 2nd Sat Apr, Jun, Sep(I)
7 Woolwich Polytechnic 3578  3rd Fri Feb(I), 3rd Thur Apr, Oct, Dec, 2nd Thur Jun
8 Lesney Park of Erith 3965  3rd Thur Jan, May, Sep(I), 2nd Thur Mar and Nov
9 Lakedale 4044  3rd Tue Mar, 1st Thur Jun, 1st Fri Sep and Dec(I)
10 Bostall Heath 4492  2nd Thur Jan, May, 4th Wed Mar(I), Oct, 1st Thur Dec
11 John Roan School 5085  1st Tue Mar, 2nd Wed Apr, 2nd Tue Oct(I), 3rd Tue Dec
12 Hereditary 5731  1st Tue Nov, 3rd Tue Apr, 2nd Wed Jan and Sep
13 St. Martins Barnehurst 6218  2nd Tue Jan(I), Mar, May, 1st Tue Oct
14 St. Barnanbas 6315  3rd Sat Jan, 1st Sat Apr, May Oct(I), Nov
15 Borough of Woolwich 6610  2nd Mon Jan, Mar, May, Sep(I) Nov
16 Star of Kent 6705  3rd Sat May, 1st Sat Mar, Sep and Dec
17 Legheart 6897  2nd Mon Mar, Sep(I), Nov, 3rd Mon May
18 Bellegrove 7293  4th Thur Jan, Mar, May, Sep(I), Nov
19 East Wickham 7308  1st Wed Jan, Sep, Nov, 4th Wed Feb(I), May
20 Camellia Thea 7351  3rd Thur Mar, 2nd Thur May(I), 1st Thur Sep, 1st Wed Nov
21 Lesnes Abbey 7393  3rd Mon Jan, Mar, Apr, Sep(I), Nov
22 Bexley Marine 7546  1st Mon Feb, Oct, Dec(I), 2nd Mon May
23 Centre Point 7617  2nd Thur May, Nov(I), 3rd Thur May and Sep
24 Prudence & Concord 7887  2nd Sat Feb(I), Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov
25 St. Paulinus 7992  2nd Tue Feb(I), 1st Wed Apr, Jun, 4th Tue Sep, 4th Mon Nov
26 Westwood 8046  4th Wed Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep(I), Nov
27 Oxleas Wood 8110  4th Sat Jan(I), Apr, Oct, Nov
28 Thamesmead 8269  3rd Tue Mar, May, Sep, Nov(I)
29 Rivermead 8278  4th Tue Jan, Mar, May, Nov(I)
30 Desaguliers 8324  2nd Mon Feb, Apr(I), Oct and 4th Wed Nov
31 Lowood 8392  4th Mon Jan(I), Mar, 2nd Mon Oct and Dec
32 Severndroog Castle 8677  3rd Fri Jan(I), 1st Fri May, Sep, Nov
33 New Ash Green 9231  4th Mon Feb, Apr, 3rd Mon Oct(I), 2nd Mon Dec
34 Southwood 9293  1st Mon Feb, Apr, Oct, Nov(I)
Chapters meeting at The Westwood
  Chapter Name Number Meeting dates
1 Pattison 913  1st Tue Apr, June, Oct(I)
2 Saye & Sele 1973  1st Fri Mar, Oct, 3rd Fri May(I)
3 Ordnance 2399  3rd Wed Feb, Sep, Nov(I)
4 Woolwich Polytechnic 3578  4th Tue Feb(I), Jun, and 4th Mon Nov
5 Hereditary 5731  1st Tue Feb, 2nd Tue June, 4th Tue Oct(I)
6 St. Barbara 5937  2nd Sat Mar(I), Sep and Dec
7 St. Giles & St. Luke 6668  1st Tue Feb, 2nd Tue June, 4th Tue Oct(I)
8 Camellia Thea 7351  2nd Wed Feb(I), Jun, Oct
9 Westwood 8046  3rd Mon Feb(I), May, 4th Mon Oct
10 Lowood 8392  1st Mon Mar, 3rd Tue May 4th Tue Nov(I)
Other Orders meeting at The Westwood
Mark Lodges Number Meeting dates
Exelsior 226  1st Sat Feb(I), May and Sep
Kentish 857  1st Tue Mar, Dec, 4th Tue Sep(I)
Westwood 1354  4th Thur Feb, June, 2nd Tue Dec(I)
Royal Ark Mariners Number Meeting dates
Exelsior 226  1st Sat Feb, May(I) and Sep
Kentish 857  1st Tue May(I), Dec, and 4th Tue Sep
Westwood 1354  4th Thur Feb, June(I)
Rose Croix Number Meeting dates
Sacred Fire 977  1st Sat Jan, Apr, and Oct(I)
Knight Templar Number Meeting dates
Richard Planaganet 597  3rd Tue Feb, 2nd Tue Jun(I) and Oct
Knight Templar Priests Number Meeting dates
Anjou Tabernacle 194  3rd Tue Feb, 2nd Tue June and Oct(I)
Red Cross of Constantine Number Meeting dates
Robert Lloyd Conclave 229  1st Mon Apr, June and Dec(I)
Scottish Masters Number Meeting dates
Cantwara 15 1st Mon Jun(I), 1st Fri Nov
Scarlet Cord Number Meeting dates
Kentish Man 35 T I 4th Sat Apr(I) and Oct
Secret Monitor Number Meeting dates
Eric Norman le Fre 304 3rd Sat Jan(I), 4th Sat Apr and Oct